Entry at 16+

    Students are encouraged to attend one of two Sixth Form Open Evenings in the autumn term prior to entry.

    In general, external applicants are required to achieve at least five GCSE passes at grade B (or equivalent) or above (as required by individual subjects) for entry into our A level courses.  The specific GCSE requirements for entry are listed by subject here.

    The Application

    Applicants are asked to complete the registration and subject choice form and to send these in with a copy of the last full school report, predicted GCSE results, GCSE mock results and any other relevant reports.  Students are invited to submit a letter outlining their reason for applying to The King Alfred School.  We will contact the current school for a reference.

    The Interviews

    Successful applicants are invited to attend for half a day, involving interviews with Heads of Departments, written assessments and meeting with students of the school.

    Parents are invited to meet with senior staff, after the interview day.

    Places are offered on the basis of the interview day, following the order in which we receive applications.


    A small number of Bursaries are available.  For more information please contact the Bursary Manager on 020 8457 5209.

    Bursary application deadline:  Monday 8 January 2018


    How to apply for a place in Year 12

    Applications for September 2018 (Applications from 3 October 2017)

    • Please click here to complete an online registration form.
    • Please also email admissions@kingalfred.org.uk with your subject choices, and fill in the Information form using the forms that can be found here.
    • Paper registration form can be downloaded here. Please include subject choice form (see above).
    • Please include latest school report, GCSE predicted grades & mock results and write a piece on why you would like to join KAS (student).


    Timings for entry in September 2018 (Applications from 3 October 2017)

    Open Evenings:         Monday 2 October 2017,  5.00pm – 7.00pm

                                              Monday 20 November 2017, 5.00pm - 7.00pm

    Interviews (1st group):

    • Application deadline:      Mon 20 November 2017
    • Interview Day:                 Weds 29 November 2017
    • Offers sent by:                Weds 13 December 2017
    • Acceptance by:               Mon 19 February 2018

    Interviews (2nd group): 

    • Application deadline:       Thurs  18 January 2018
    • Interview Day:                  Fri 26 January 2018
    • Offers sent by:                  Fri 2 February 2018
    • Acceptance by:                 Mon 19 February 2018

     Popular subjects may be oversubscribed so students are encouraged to apply early